10 Creative Prints And More Decor Brighten Up Your Home

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your home? Do you want to make your home more lively and fun? Then you should consider getting Minted’s collection of creative prints, curtains, pillows, and more.

1. Classic Snap

What’s better than a soft and fluffy pillow? A pillow with a picture of your loved one of course. It could be a picture of your spouse, child, or even your pet. The Classic Snap design is an 18-inch pillow that you can customize with a photo of your loved one. Each pillow contains an alternative down insert which’s why it’s very soft. And why get just one? You can get several to place in different parts of your home.

2. Flourishing Garden Pillow

If putting photos on pillows is not your style, then you can opt for designs created by independent artists. The Flourishing Garden Pillow, for example, is made by Beth Schneider from Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Minted sources their designs from artists based from different parts of the world. And this is why the designs are eclectic and unique. The pillows used are made with natural fabric with down inserts for comfort.

3. Curtains

Are you tired of the same old curtains that you can find in most home stores? Then you should get Minted’s unique curtains designed by their global community of artists. These vibrant curtains will lend more warmth to your home.

4. Linens

Quality linens with unique and colorful designs can make a difference in your dining area. Minted’s selection of linens features one-of-a-kind designs from their community of global artists.

5. Wall Murals

If you don’t want to place tacky posters in your home, then the Wall Murals from Minted provide a more stylish alternative.

6. Lampshades

Having the right lighting is important in any home. If you’re looking for beautifully-designed lampshades, then Minted has you covered.

7. Art Shelves

If you like to collect little artworks and knick-knacks, then these art shelves offer the perfect way to display them.

8. Pillow Cover

If you have pillows already but are looking for more creative options to dress them up, then you can choose from MInted’s collection of pillow covers.

9 Triangle Chairs

These chairs are a modern and more creative alternative to the bean bag. Once you bring them home, they'll be your favorite piece for sure.

10. Children’s Nursery Wall Murals

These wall murals will surely brighten up any kid’s room.