12 Art Print Products You Will Fall In Love With

Art brings many benefits to our homes and community in general. It defines a culture, creates a stimulating environment, brings out creativity, and comes with a friendly price tag.

An art print is all about a printed reproduction of an imaginative work of art, and it’s printed through varied methods and using different materials. Here are the 12 art prints available at https://www.minted.com/. Have a look:

1. Birthday Bouquet I

The Birthday Bouquet brings out a multi-layered dramatic effect and pairs painting with collage to invite you to a multi-dimensional shade of life. It also comes in great sizes and a white wood canvas frame free from formaldehyde and lead. The Birthday Bouquet canvas print is also lightweight, and its framed weight is about 3.9 Lbs. It's also a budget-friendly piece of fine art you will, without a doubt, fall in love with and will improve the look of your home.

2. Nature Is Good I

If you are into colors, textures, and shapes, the Nature is Good is an excellent piece of art that will arouse your love for nature and feel the life around you. It's a budget-friendly piece professionally fitted with a standard plexiglass frame. It's made from natural raw wood, and you can hang it around your home for many years.

3. Up aNd aWaY I

This is a classic art print you will definitely love. The color combination is incredible and a standout feature. The Up and Away print features a mountaintop and close up look of coastal lands paintings. It's designed for scale and will perfectly fit into your living area.

4. Boho Screenprint I

The Boho Screenprint is an African inspired print that comes with distinctive features. It comes with transparent layers of paper cut shapes in geometric and repeats patterns. The prints are all in bold modern color palettes and will add joy and vibrancy to your house. It's a great design that will add some culture and creativity to your living areas as it's inspired by the Shweshwe fabric widely used in South Africa.

5. Wild Wild West I

This fantastic piece of art features cowboys and horses at daybreak having fun. The beautiful and subtle details will add an elegant long to your living space. It features a lightweight rich black wood frame and comes with different color themes you will fall in love with all the time. It's also an affordable art print.

6. Merging

This is a one-of-a-kind art print that features sets of lines forming shapes. The all-black wood frame gives the art an elegant look and will perfectly blend well with other decors in your home. It also comes in varying print sizes, and you can compare the available sizes and pick a design that satisfies your needs.

7. Ride I

Bring the feel of spending quality time and a fun-filled day on the beach to your living room with the Ride art print. Bring the power of the ocean to your home with this fantastic teal themed print. It measures about 3.3 Lbs. in weight and comes with a white wood frame.

8. Ruscus

The Ruscus is a die for art print, and you will definitely fall in love with it at first glance. It's a one-of-a-kind piece that will bring a contemporary feel to your home.

9. Desire Ii

This black and white piece of art will stand out from other collections you have in your home. It features blurred and out-of-focus hands in motion. The print focuses on our desire for affection, touch, and connection. It comes in varying sizes, and you can get it at a reasonable price.

10. Tropic Toucan I

If you love nature, the Tropic Toucan is a valuable art print to invest in. It will cost you a few dollars, but it will modernize your contemporary spaces. It will give you the feel of indulging with natural wonder and generally change the look of your living space.

11. Submerge I

Do you love swimming and the whole experience involved? This is a distinctive art that features a swimmer underwater. The Submerge depicts the beautiful form of a swimmer's body and the unique water reflection pattern on the pool's surface and swimmer's body. The vibrant colors in the picture depict movement and energy in a calm and refreshing scenery. It comes in a white wood frame that adds elegance to the entire print.

12. Nature, You And Me N.4.i

This unique art depicts much about our being, the nature of our relationships, experience, and how we interact. It's a personal graphical expression representing how we think, write, or respond to concepts of a natural pattern. It's an all-black ink painting with a distressed charcoal strain frame that will perfectly fit into your living space.