12 Items To Improve The Beauty Of Your House

It is scientifically proven that a beautiful home improves your productivity. If you want to achieve big in life, a beautiful home will help you. We have compiled a list of 12 items to help you improve the beauty of your home.

1.Mesmerize Mural

You can take your blank wall and turn it into artwork. You can install these panels on your wall without any experience. It has a premium matte white look. You can get these in four different sizes with tear-resistance and PVC free.

2.Squiggles Mural

It is a big-size mural that is printed on matte woven fabric. The blue-gray colored mural with random lines makes it a masterpiece. You can get it in one size only. You should wait for 30 days after wall painting for proper mural adhesion.

3.Rolling Field Mural

You can turn your wall into an art that looks like a field. The green color is most abundant in this art print. It is also available in blue and brown colors. You can get it in five size options that range from 9*8.25 inches to 15*12.25 inches. It is also PVC free.

4.Surrounding Mural

It is a mural printed using premium latex ink. The gray wash color makes it unique and attractive. You can get this art print in 5 different sizes. You can apply it with ease by using a credit card to remove the bubbles.

5.Spliced Landscape Mural

If you are looking for a mural with mountains like texture, it is the right choice. It comes in a blue topaz color with five different sizes. It has a repositionable substrate to peel and stick with ease.

6.Premium Wood Artful Shelf

It is a shelf made using the handcrafted premium wood ledge. You can get it in 2,3,4,5 feet length with three color options. It is available in white, black, and natural color. It has a maximum weight capacity of 15 pounds.

7.Whitewash Herringbone Artful Shelf

The company is manufacturing this shelf using mango wood with a whitewash arrowhead pattern. You can get it in 2,3, and 5 feet length with whitewash color only. Each ledge has small details and imperfections that make it unique.

8.Whitewash French Farmhouse Artful Shelf

It is inspired by the french flea market designs that have a farmhouse design touch. Each whitewash colored shelf has a unique pattern because these are individually crafted. You can get it in four different sizes.

9.Stacked Joints Artful Shelf

You can get this shelf in sizes with natural color only. It is handcrafted with natural wood to give your walls an exclusive look. It also has a 15 pounds maximum weight capacity.

10.Shinobi Lines Curtain

It is a luxury curtain that is available in indigo, brown, and black color. You can get it in 5 size options with premium cotton, luxury linen, or luxury lightweight linen option. It has 4.5 inches pockets for rods.

11.Paper Cut Curtain

This curtain is available in 5 sizes and 10 color options. You can get it in three fabric options also. It does not require hooks or rings as it is ready to install on the rods. You can machine wash it warm and dry on low tumble settings.

12.Sketched Willow Curtain

This curtain has a unique design due to its leaf-like art print. You can get it in 6 colors and 6 different sizes. These are designed by challenge winner artists making them excellent for your home.