9 Valentine Gifts With A Personal Touch

Valentine’s gifts don’t always have to be chocolates and candies. Many items can be made as gifts with a touching personal touch. Here are some greeting card ideas, or puzzles, and bags to make fun gifts as well.

1. Bright Hues

A valentine card with a perfect design to show love to your family or friends. You can put photos that are personal, beautiful memories for them. There are 6 color themes and 3 shape silhouettes available.

2. Valentine Floss Boss

Send your classmates affection with this valentine's card, a simple design that depicts deep love. Choose between 3 color themes and 2 Silhouette shapes that you like.

3. Painted Hearts

A valentine card that you can send to your dear friends or family with your favorite photo and complement with your personal message. This card is special because the heart pattern is hand-painted. There are 4 color themes and you can choose from portrait or landscape layouts.

4. Blaze

The personal touch puzzle is available in 60 pieces made on luxurious matte paper and premium quality chipboard. It's the perfect gift in a pretty hinged box with gold foil as the accent.

5. Leafy banner

The right puzzle for a valentine's gift for the family. Consisting of 60 pieces with a touch of your favorite photo, make this puzzle a heartwarming gift. Made on matte paper and quality chips, this puzzle is also nicely packaged and luxurious.

6. Fresh and Sparkle

Puzzles that can be played by the whole family because it has quite a lot of pieces, namely 252 pieces. Make Valentine's Day a day of togetherness with family. Beautifully packaged and luxurious and completed with patterned drawstring pouch.

7. Amour

Snap tote with a simple artistic design. Made of durable cotton features a copper snap closure and soft leather strap.

8. Big Heart

Just the right size for everyday wear, this snap tote has a heart pattern with festive red color. Get personalized with leather labels for free. Made of durable 100% cotton and a soft leather strap, making this bag the perfect gift.

9. Market Fresh

This snap tote with a beautiful and fresh colorful floral design, can be personalized for free on a leather tag and comes with a soft leather strap, give this tote a gift to your loved ones.