Dressing In 2021

Since we’ve been dealing with this disease pandemic, 2020 has been a crazy year and 2021 doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Due to this situation, dressing has modified the journey of fashion. Consumers are beginning to change their thought processes and the way they shop. This causes hindrance in the evolution of fashion and its ability to move forward. Especially since fashion is about the growth throughout adapting to new normalities, testing skills of survival, and making sure the economics of the business stays afloat. In the mishaps of this pandemic, many fashion brands focusing their thought process on trans-seasonal branding. Recently, a very popular fashion runway took place at the SS21 catwalks event. The usual seasonal fads and high demand designer products are losing relevance compared to the new way fashion brands are providing their merchandise. Now, since things have changed around the world, there has to be more done in the fashion world, such as, changing fashion from the mediocre way of living, where we just wear a comfortable bottom and a top that shows some type of appropriateness for the occasion to a way that shows adaptability to a new way of living in our day to day lives. Evidence of the information on data on online sales shows that the fashion world is changing dramatically and the pandemic is playing no part in fixing that. Fashion shows and runway events are losing attention due to the lifestyle quarantine attire that brands are shifting to at a time like this. The fabulous catwalk looks are no longer on people’s train of thought and businesses have to figure out how to survive tremendously in a time like this. In conclusion, 2021 and fashion are in for a wild ride this year and fashion brands have to make spare of the moment decisions to incorporate their plan of survival.

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