Some Fashion Clothing Advice To Up Your Style

Being fashionable is a skill that can be learned. So even if you consider yourself fashion-challenged, there is still hope for you. You can start by following the fashion clothing advice below.

Keep your closet organized

It is important that you organize your closet. Because how can you create an outfit if you don’t even know what you have. If you have too many clothes then you may want to take the advice of Mari Kondo and give away those that don’t spark joy. After decluttering, you can now organize what’s left of your wardrobe. Fold your clothes neatly. Pieces like jackets and dresses need to be hung. For your shoes, you need to get a rack or individual boxes to keep them tidy and organized. After you have organized your closet, you’ll feel much more inspired to create an outfit.

Find a tailor

If you want to have clothes that really fit well, then you need to find a good tailor. Sure, tailor-made clothes are more expensive than ready-to-wear, but they are better in many ways. Apart from the fact that they will fit you right, tailor-made clothes are unique and will last longer than items from a store. And after you found a good tailor, then you can have pieces of clothing exactly as you want them. No more hit and misses. You can have jeans of the perfect size and length and tops that are too loose or tight.

Balance is the key

Fashion models have the ability to stand out even in the simplest outfits. This is because they know how to balance what they’re wearing. When you plan to wear an outfit you need to keep in mind that the top and the bottom must always complement each other. That’s how you achieve harmony. Otherwise, your outfit will look awkward even if you’re wearing expensive and nice clothes.

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